Supports The Digestion Process

Black salt present in Jaljira is very beneficial, as it fights intestinal gas and helps in the process of digestion. It is a splendid drink that cools the body and rehydrates it. It is an excellent drink which can be had especially when the temperature is very high. It is a traditional drink and consuming it before the meals helps to build the appetite of an individual. It also helps in activating the digestive juices as well as the taste buds. It even provides relief from heartburn.

Treats Nausea

Health conditions such as, giddiness and nausea can be treated by drinking Jaljira as it contains important ingredient like ginger and lemon in it. It is good to sip Jaljira while experiencing the feeling of vomiting.

Helps in Detoxification

Jaljira has very low calories present in it. Individuals can enjoy drinking this drink without worrying about the calories present in it. It helps to detoxify the toxins and is the best drink for summer. The drink contains healthy spices and is effective in reducing the body heat and keeping it cool.

Helps In Weight Loss

Many people drink Jaljira for weight loss. The benefit is experienced mainly because of the ingredient cumin seeds present in the Jaljira. It is beneficial to drink Jaljira twice a day for individuals who want to lose weight as it suppresses the appetite and individual tends to intake fewer calories. Drinking Jaljira twice a day is also helpful in fighting constipation. It is a care-free drink for calorie conscious people.

Helpful in Treating Menstrual Cramps

It is very difficult for women to deal with menstrual cramping, abdominal pain etc. However, Jaljira is known to give immediate relief to the uneasiness and pain during menstrual cramps.

Best for Acidity

People suffering from severe acidity can drink Jaljira. At times after rich meals when people feel heavy, Jaljira can help to soothe the uneasiness. The chances of acidity are reduced by having this drink.

Rich in Vitamin C

Jaljira contains mango powder, which is very rich in Vitamin C. Immune system of an individual can be improved by having Jaljira as it contains vitamin C. This is why it also helps to treat diseases like scurvy.

Helps Treat Anemia

Drinking Jaljira is very beneficial as it is a rich source of iron. Jeera is an important ingredient present in Jaljira which helps in preventing anemia. The splendid and tasty drink enhances the immunity of the body and women should drink Jaljira mainly for this reason. Jaljira contains the most vital mineral-iron in it that is very useful in forming the RBCs or red blood corpuscles in the body. It also helps in increases the count of hemoglobin in the bloodstream and drinking Jaljira helps to fight against iron deficiency.

Gives Relief From Gas

Jaljira drink helps to reduce the gas formed in the stomach. At times when you feel bloated it is best to drink Jaljira, gradually it will help to provide relief from gas in the stomach.

Helps in Morning Sickness

Pregnant women can also drink this nutritious drink which helps in getting relief from morning sickness during pregnancy. It is preferable that this flavored drink is consumed by women mainly during the hot summer months.

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