Hindustan ka Nazraana


Our Delicious Story
Hindustan Hing Supplying Co. is the premier producer of Hing & Spices (Masala). We provide high quality under the brand name to Aeroplane the discerning market.

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Quality Controls

Advantages of our packaging (a) Offers maximum protection. (b) Transports in the most efficient manner. (c) Enables full merchandising at retail level. Our experts oversee every aspect of the pack-house process from the moment of the products’ arrival until they are loaded into the loading vehicle or container. We ensure that each consignment is packed and labeled correctly, so that the products reach our customers nectar fresh as the morning dew.


Private Labeling

We manufacture hing & masala for many well known reputed companies (Private Labeling) and we are also known for maintaining consistent quality standards as per the company’s norms, satisfaction through our products and superlative services.

They All Love Our Spices

Our spices are handpicked and are in the purest form to guarantee you a farm fresh feel while Cooking and also keep you mesmerised when you have your favourite Non-Veg Cuisine. With a Research of many Years we have expertise ourselves as the only distinct Non-Veg Masala Manufacturer in India with maximum Varieties of Cuisine.
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- Laura Petracio
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- Harold Z
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